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Reaction Mechanisms Reaction Mechanism : series of steps that make up the overall chemical reaction GOAL: To determine the reaction mechanism from experimental kinetic data that we have measured Overall mechanism: composed of a sequence of "elementary reactions" Elementary reaction : a reaction whose rate law is determined by its stoichiometry i.e', its "molecularity" Molecularity is determined by the number of species taking part in the reaction to give products (= Number of species coming together to form the transition state comPlex) Reaction Mechanism A series of elementary steps that must satisff two requirements : O The sum of the elementary steps must give the overall balanced equation for the reaction. O The mechanism must Predict the experimentallY observed rate law' l0 O OF q al iJJ d ?? ?? ? .jj €qq-\.*t ililllllll ooC.)o(D - '(d63cs€q
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Unformatted text preview: && && & trLJr (s!ri(dc$-luJ ()SJO(J q.roq)oc.) 7()o=-vO trootrg '5E Er I SE EN El ca E a (h B 5a E e [ tr : iE i 6'i ? o t o I t? T +FQ + * <T Fq d+ Fa 1'+d + +< + F cg Fl q) eg & L d c.) () o l=( a g q) +) a L eq rF o q) ri a = (E J o +, (E tr. !t F G a CL o +, o e G' +, e-o E g lU Example: ComPlex Reaction Pathway Node) + co(e) -+No(e) +code) . Experimentally determined rate law: Rate : klNor]t . Suggested mechanism, 6il;@> *Ji**o,*ffi,",,'r, NO. + COklNO2 + CO2 (faso s^v, VNil+ Mt d IVY+ryt+2,@ lcJt . 'Rate of Formation of NO3: tr[NOz]' . Overall reaction rate is determined by the slowest step : Rate-Determining Step Mechanism AccePtable?- Sum ofelementary steps: overall balanced equation? !- Mechanism predicts the observed rate law? D Overall rate: ft,[NO2]2 t2...
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