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Equilibrium Galculations Example 1, Continued. . 6 Define change to get to equilibrium and write expressions for equilibrium conc.s t. Lt.c.B. rautel 21il(s) Initial 2 1 0 Change -x -x +2x Equilibrium 2-x 1-x 0 +2x @ Substitute into expression for K and solve for x K_ DH!1^ ox n+il'ru Px)cru For an equation: m2 +bx+c =O ---:--- There are two roots: * - -bltlbz -4ac Hr(g) + Iz@) trr t@.alcutated equilibrium l"!t"., - * 6 Equilibrium Calculations Example I O Write balanced equation for reaction: Hr(s) + rz@) : 2HI (g) O Write equilibrium expression: I Find initial concentrations: e.g. : [Hz]o :2M, [Iz]o : I M, [HI]o : 0 M @ Find Q + Find direction for shift to equilibrium tHlu ffi = System will shift,o rn.[l@[L - lFzol Equilibrium Galculations (#; --:AExamP"' #o = o,,n \- ?rff gof PCl, is placed in a 500 ml reaction vessel and allowed to reach equilibrium with
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Unformatted text preview: its decomposition products phosphorus trichloride and chlorine at250 "C. ( P7ls + l0l> * 0b ': Given that Ko:78.3 O What are the equilibrium compositions in molll? O What is the percentage decomposition of . PCI.? (l.c t.imfl roG F: Pds t o{z .)1r= 9h-+rL o-3 o o lQ'ta;hu o-t-x Equilibrium Galculations Small Equilibrium Constants A mixture of 0.482 mol N2 and 0.933 mol 02 is placed in a vessel of volume 10.0 L and allowed to form N2O at a temperature for which K:2.0 x10-13 L mol-l. What is the equilibrium composition of the mixture? 2Nz(g)+Oz(g) : 2NzO(g) 2Nz(g) + Oz(g) :2NzO(e) g.r.(gL 0-01, o->x -x +7x .0til2-2.x o.o1l9-/ Z 8 [Nz] : lo.or+til-oyr 6: [N1of io,i : ffi^"* ^ : [Nr,FloJ = >tlo 77 Pr' "'9-X...
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