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Approximation Method for Small Equilibrium Constants 2NzG)+OzG) : 2N2O(g) Q''+t)-' "':l:) LlsA= g- gygv-ZX > o"oVtt -2-u )"JX = Simpliff terrrs in denominator: . (0.0482-2x) = 0.0482 (0.0933-x) = 0'0933 .ffisubsurute rriro ru' @checkvalue
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Unformatted text preview: is correct &>)-. o.cl3)' 2X/o-Lwl -*o.olt)- *4f1 x-.aq35-) x= 3.*r;1 r- gX-(&7 d I p- o-aWtz I I ! F1 I t I t I r I i ' (p-oatu)r "-,1)3 l*A)= >x 7'ztx61 = 6'6xrc-1 4 k-- LwJ' ' Purl'co,1 _oa ll-AY to l )...
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