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Effect of Change in Temperature Chenge in Temperature -+ Change in ff Treat heat energy as product or reactant Hgiveoutheatenergy*) Reactants --> Products -l fus61energ/ %(absorbheatenergy) Reactants -f heat energt -+ Products Equilibrium shifts to oppose the change in T e.s. \k) + [email protected]) Increase Temperature + Equilibrium -+ left: Decrease K Decrease Temperature + Equilibrium +.ight: Increase K e t
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Unformatted text preview: Also sornetirnes lighq electrical energy or sound The Effect of a Gatalyst on Equilibria . Catalyst reduces -E'o . Speeds upbothforward and reverse reactions! + Equilibrium is achieved more rapidly Reac{ion coordinate BUT K (eqttlhhrlt,'n po Example: Haber Process: }I,(s)+3Hr(A3r*r*, Increase in T -+ rapid reduction in K Catalyst (Fe) -+ faster reaction at lower T l0 a o...
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