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Acid Strength HA(aq) : H*(aq1+ A-(aq) Acid Conjugate base Relative Relative acid strength conjugate base strength Ashong acid hasaweak conjugate base Aweakacid has a s6p1g conjugate base o! () 4a0 Jn qEE !) \/ +j v t) =av.< CSP'-rO(D E H + ,=v) 6 ri 5 >-8 '-{ = 0.) E oO:Eo 'i< i_J H? ()-axt S: r ge (trcrflEd -l r! la >j5 Hg tF $€ E -+5 () F* b 9u E 3+ E i I,: 5F FE q '$S FE #S I ct o) B I q0 o L a fr q) g o 'r F{ T1 . <l- T1 < --l a rrr I E.l il v - ! *, S. cDp tr< o+ L- tlra S OP rr:i l-ElJ o tss' v N H + v \t/ Bases in Water Arrhenius definition: produce hydroxide ion aqueous solution Brsnsted-Lowry definition: proton acceptor. Water acts as an acid to form a hydroxide ion B("q) + H2O(D =: Bt1.(aq) + OH-(aq) base acid conjugate conjugate acid base ,, - [BH"]tOH-] Refersto reactionofbase
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Unformatted text preview: ^' - 1n] #T;ffi1?,m::?&quot;*&quot;' . Strong Base: NaOH(s) + Na\aq) + OH-(aq) . Base does not have to contain OH e.g. Ammonia and amines: I.IH3(aq) + I{rO(l) - N}I4*(aq) + OH-(aq) Water as an Acid and a Base . Autoionizationof Water: HrO(| + HrO(/) : I{3O*(aq) + OH-(aq) . Transfer H+ from one I{rO molecule to other-+ Hydronium ion and Hydroxide ion + Hr9 acts as an Acid or a Base = Amphoteric . Equilibrium expression: Kw: tI{3O+llOH-l : [H+][OH-] . K*: dissociation constant of water . From experiment, pure water @25&quot;C, [H*] : toH-l : 10-7 M = K*: [H+][OH-] : 10-t+ . Temperaturedependent...
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