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ro I pg: - tog\Ffl and poH: - log [oHl pKo: -logKo and pKr:-logKu pKw: -logK* Kw: tH+ltOH1 : l0-r4 + pK*: 14 .mt [fI*]: tOH-l :10-7,pH:7, pOH: .iffi [Ff]>[OHJ, pH<7 pOH>7 .ffi lFfl < [OH-], p}J> 7 pOH < 7 NOte: Number of decimal places in the log is equal to th number of significant figures in the original numt 7 er 9 The pH Scale pH Scale : -log Scale pH(Vinegar):3 pH(Stomach acidl:2 [H+]sto*"r,""ia: 10 x [F]vio"*_
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Unformatted text preview: l0 ,,_cHrfJDn_ nbil-tou1 (n=- -wI Tft Al tw e-!. Ptt &amp;quot;l ^ o.prl uro \ Hq flq e Hn +&amp;quot;1' o'fl o'fl fH= -\nctt+) -- -4&amp;quot;P'1o1=-1'gg * 1 fu-'^&amp;quot;^ 1tla&amp;quot;u* iw lnl =- + -f T'=.'I:i' =) pt4 =- t. bti , , d'(' gA= -\1'Dr$ =-) CHt -- F-?n-'t -1 lxlo'Y lxlo' 4 a- t'^a&amp;quot;otr*oe in w*ry &amp;gt; /-y/// 6 :) 1keuwe f r/a *,ry t 6rdfu7 +, o&amp;lt;,f a3 o.n ^ia/ sylic'*t l;f t ,^ th v;fnelhbh,r'....
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