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IMG_0005_NEW_0012 - JH.1 HrO(l [email protected] oH(aq Kw I x 1o-ra...

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o LtlropAYS LECTuRE: ''ACIDS AND BASES'' . pH of Strong Acids & Bases . pH of Weak Acids & Bases . pH of Mixtures of Acids Water as an Acid and a Base . Autoionaation; ffirttora -+ Hto*(aq) + oH-(aq) . As a simple dissociation reaction: HrO(t) ' Kw: [I{3O*][OH-]: 1g-r+ @25 C . True in Neutral and Acid andBasicsolutions A-(aq) + HrO(D i- HA(aq) + OH-(aq) Ku " Ku:Kru = Iotv @ zgz tct= CWdl D LHA For:Any% HA(aq)+ I{2o(D : Hzo*(oq) + A-(aq) otundffi kb= pH of Weak Acid Solution . Weak Acid: Does Not Dissociate Significantly ' Example: Acetic Acid Ko: I.g x l0_5 cH3cSfH(aq) : tr[!.nr + cn $o o-(aq) . wate?#es not contriuutJtlg"in"antrfto
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Unformatted text preview: JH.1 HrO(l) [email protected]) + oH-(aq) Kw: I x 1o-ra futo\ral )= t'r{!o . rhus Equlibrium t" AqE,:S'mj"t *p4 . Problem: Calculate pH of weak acid rolutior, (9 =+ Solve equilibrium problem to find [H+l o 4 pH of Strong Acid Solution . Strong Acid: Dissociates _ Completely . Example: HCI HCI(aq) -+ H+(aq) + C(aq) . Problem: pH of a 0.5 M HCI solution? . Identify the major species in solution-+ tf and Cl- ions and H2O . H2O can provide H+ by autoionization: FIro(4 : H*(a q) + oH-(aq) . But [Ff] from IlO: lx l0-7 M-+ Negligible compared [If] from HCI o-v14 3 pH:...
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