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pH of Weak Acid Solution . Problem: Calculate the pH of a 0.100 M solution of acetic acid . Stratery: O Identifr Major Species in Solution O Write reactions producing H* O Which reactions dominate H* production? @ Determine equilibrium concentrations: - Write equilibrium expression(s) + valid if: % dissociarion = ft "rOox < sy" Not valid? + solve quadratic exactly O Calculate [H*] and pH [HA]o -r t [HA]e pH of Weak Base Solution Weak Base: Does Not Dissociate Significantly OR Does not Protonate Significantly Example: Methylamine Ku:4.38 x 10-a CHTNHT(aq) +ItO(l): CHTNHT*(nq) + OIf(aq) . pH: Use same strategy as for weak acid + [OH-] O Identi8 Major Species in Solution O Write reactions producing OH- €) Which reactions dominate OH- production? @ Determine equilibrium concentrations 6 Calc. [OH-] and pOH -+ pH (pH + pOH: 14) o/o protonation - [conjugpte acid] - [CH3NH3*] [Base],n,,," [CH3NH']o . See example 7.6
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