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LtA ?,>Yt -w f,rt^) = H+ + flWv- . Polyprotic Acids . Acid-Base Properties of Salts H'P4 + H*+ HPl7{'- zx rd'T ) tirrt z te [Hl - t{Tl 1>1 = o,otlt + bz: ''AGIDS AND BASES'' t-H*l ''fiP\vz-J t_= r-r 4 6rupfu1 Pd'rZt cHt>oi-) _v $.7*.10' -( - ,'-) Yl\) o.g)aa ftrPt+'-} 6-zr1o+ f'4 HPOI-- ;:' P1+ * f0v' , fH+) LP,t) = e.kxto-'3 Yq = -- rirof I o'0t76 C @v!-) . ., ?) o.tt76 [email protected]\t ) _ ., ,,t, j) ----tlxFT- - *'o' ''' l) Calculate the pH of a 0.5 M solution of H3POa 2) Determine the equilibrium concentrations of H;PO4, H2PO', W O 42-, POo'- ' Major species in solution: First step: H3PO4 : IIrO* + HrPOf Kot> Koz> Koz = Only H3PO4 contributes significantly to [H*] . Lr is small = other dissociation products : minor sPecies Major species are HrPOo and HrO H+?i+: Pat++ f-i-i1fu' .-t+x+x : 0.t-x x x ,.} 7'lyto-)= Y' -7 l--c'or1L 3 0'5-Y = Only first dissociation step mekcs e : significant contribution to [H+l z I l1r*. tTrs>u.t=clpr*irwrt saatytt q ftf l Salts . Salt: Ionic
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Unformatted text preview: Compound 9 + HrO -+ ions . Ions can behave as acids and bases . Salts that give Neutral Solutions consist of: 1) Anions of strong acids AND 2) Cations of strong bases . Conjugate base of a strong acid has no affinity for H* in solution + no change in [H*] : no change in PH e.g. Cl- + ItO =++- HCI + OH-<_ . Conjugate acid of a strong base has no affinify for OH- in solution = no change in [OH-] : no change in PH e.g. Na* + HrO =Jts NaOH + H+ + NaCl in HrO -> Neutral solution Examples: Cations: Na*, K* Anions: Cl-, Br-, NO:-; I o Polyprotic Acids =o.:1/b o'-Polyprotic Acids (e.g. I{2CO:, I{rPOo) dissociate in a stepwise manner o H3PO4 - rr + HrPof o,=ffi=7'5xlo-r @ Ir2POt - rf + fIPo+2-^"'=5H=62xro{ @ FIPO+2- =- [f + POaL Kor> K*, K* Why? Harder to remove proton from more negatively charged acid Acid strength: HrPOo tt HrPOo- >> IIPCL2-Polyprotic Acids . Example: lF*< ? pH=...
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