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4 - House of Representatives Contains 150 members elected...

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House of Representatives Senate Contains 150 members elected for 3 years Upper House Lower house (the people’s house) States House Each member represents an electorate House of Review No. of members is decided on the population of each state (except Tas.) because each original state must have at least 5 members according to S24 of the Constitution. There must be, as near as possible, twice as many members of the HOR as the Senate (S48.) Term of Office is 6 years (half elected every 3 years) The party that wins the majority of seats (76+) in the lower house can: form government appoint Prime Minister appoint Speaker of the House appoint Ministers – govt. representatives form govt. department eg. Education 76 Senators: (12 per state, 2 per territory) Role played by the Crown Crown: 1. The Monarch is represented in Commonwealth Parliament by the Governor General and in Victorian Parliament by the Governor.
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