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Group project for Econ 3014, Fall 2011 Each group is required to conduct a group project during the semester. A written report is due on November 30 th 5pm. A 20 minutes presentation is scheduled in the final week for each group. Each group chooses one company in any industry and conducts research on this company on topics covered as we progress through the course. Content Due 5pm on lmes on 1 Introduction and history of the company September 16 th , 2011 Friday 2 Demand characteristics and analysis of the company September 30 th , 2011 Friday 3 Cost analysis of the company October 7 th , 2011 Friday 4 Market structure of the company’s industry
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Unformatted text preview: October 14 th , 2011 Friday 5 Sources of the company’s market power (if any), measuring the company’s market power, evaluate the company’s advertising expenditure, etc. October 21 st , 2011 Friday 6 Strategic situations faced by the company, the company’s added value, etc. November 11 th , 2011 Friday 7 Pricing strategies of the company November 18 th , 2011 Friday 8 How does the company deal with information asymmetry? November 25 th , 2011 Friday Due time is subject to change. If there’s any change, you will receive email updates from lmes. Missing one deadline is Ok. Missing two or more deadlines, each will cost 0.25%....
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