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ls there an alternative ? Eyes have evolved multiple times and ... pax-6 has been 'recruited' independently for eye development (convergent evolution) ' pax-6 is expressed outside the eye as well (various parts of the brain, ear, etc.) The ancestral function of pax-6 might have been in br development. Eyes are brain derived structures and tend develop from the anterior part of the brain. lndepe 'recruitment' of pax-6 maybe is not such an unlikely scenario.
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Unformatted text preview: ' pax-6 mutants have a variety of defects, not just eye defects *vQlZro,\22p[- rrl"rtc("rt' ' C. elegans has a pax-6 gene but no eyes A possible solution for the anatomist's dilemma /i|:\ : i"# I *s; W I Prototype eye * rpigment cell Wmw-ffi ..j * '{b* photoreceptor I cell The prototype eye here consists of only two (not exactly an eye, when ask an anatomist), and poses anatomical problem for'evolving into all sorts of different eyes....
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