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IMG_0004_NEW_0016 - hkrYo'tr developmental programs(and...

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I o nnd, "h"t Iat,qa MSru'' N^{,Y\ffi( &q^ar', > A,,"rw\'r'*"t o 17 Homology at the cellular level Complex organ with multiple cell types Bat wing and horse leg are homologous (read: the common ancestor already had a forelimb) Organ with a few cell tYPes lnsect and vertebrate CNS are homologous (read: the common ancestor already had a CNS) Just a cell type lnsect and vertebrate photoreceptors are homologous (read: the common ancestor already had a photoreceptor) o e ynbrHontL
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Unformatted text preview: hkrYo('tr developmental programs (and embryonic structures) are modular aliowing Egdfpqlens T? ch a n q es i n, ti ming b r t (citi-oirnf exp ress i o n of deveiopmehtat control $enes can lead to changes in structure developmental control genes can acquire new functions (see Ubx examPle) changes in developmental programmes are the reason for'macroevolutionary changes' in animal anatomy (new anatomical features, new phyla)...
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