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Developmental Biology. .. ... is concerned with the question of how a multicellular organism develops from a single cell .t.), t., 't't'' '"' /':1. I i ; :;? -:;i I i' ' ". 1r' .+ t <l- =.1. ..= .-.4.:.: -: :. : -*: ,:.: +1 ..:,'.1.#"* , \i$ :! ,.1 tr Anatom ical (Macroscopic) Germ layers are formed during gastrulation - r,b\e fo -5eC,on Cellular Cells in the organizer region send Signals to induce neuronal tissue Molecular
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Unformatted text preview: Dll repression by Ubx prevents leg formation in the abdomen /fuv, iL;:=.4*i{ry.1!,. :,t/*"'t:::: tll '*-{- ! fr;-'::s+" ' "tt",. *,.,. .*t.-,tti" How does a single cell develop into an animal or plant? The'how'can be answered on different levels V r{vr} * luOL urc{sr li'ttb:c",pe-n0 6,$ua\ aflAy'J,s Different levels of description and understanding *.irfrcrl analy"o...
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