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-eV t$m(€ tcr/' -rpg-e/lt:ir: ,fi cYircL e-rrilrr3u " r*r[dnt r'z\,$ron '"{F{dt {^,t"t -\es'e\t {"' nttb'elll v'flnl'L - cfsciriliZqtioit we,$t Marceilo Matpighi (1628-94) o provided an accurate description of the chick embryo ' was a 'preformationist' like most of his contemporaries ".. nffi*r ffiv*r1'tiffim ffitr tYum mtmrffi%ffi*Wffil Wolped, Pincipies oiDevelopnrent,3rd diton, Fig. 1.4 O Odord Unive.sjly Press Preformation
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Unformatted text preview: versus Epigenesis Preformationl was backed by lBth century science, religion and philosophy needed no mysterious force for embryonic development before the cell theory there was no problem with size limits ('Nature works as small as it wishes', Bonnet, 1764\ Wolped, Pincrples of Oevelorent, 3rd dibon, Fig @ Odord Univer$ly ftess a Descriptive Embryology *hurt'tair pcrcke$ 'rr1 e"r.n/".flF c"t\ t...
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