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Preformation versus Epigenesis Epigenesisl was backed by observation example. de novo generation of blood vessels in the chick embryo had to postulate an unknown force 'yis vitalis' (life force) or'vis essenfia/is' (essential force) to organize embryonic development, which was thought to act in way similar to gravity or magnetism Descriptive Embryology Matthias Schleiden
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Unformatted text preview: (1804-81) & Theodor Schwann (1 810-82) formulated the cell theory (cells are the building blocks of every living creature), which had a major impact on embryology by essentially eliminating preformationist theories- ktrcd Vc';ralo rtlat'\ig "f,rt"tt'ry rw**r*scope$ w wrw xmpr*zt ** mnd had *igh*r rwmmluti*rn * o\'\ctnrsy't1 cCItl'.rrd C c-tlb U...
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