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Descriptive Embryology in the 1gth century tthe egg was recognized to be one large cell 'germ cells: - the - distinction between soma and germ line (Weismann), - - shifted attention to the germ line: 'A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg' (Samuel Butler) 'newly fertilized eggs were found to contain two nuclei, which fused onuclei contained chromosomes, whose number was constant - gofle a^c"Ptq'rr pr?xrrt .ifr!^\*); dr'i'ttt bqr,cL'n:, af\ c\fctylll>fil
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Unformatted text preview: 15 G ,,,,'.U .f pf.'p,l3.ttfg *1nanli o avoid scientific statements not based on careful observation if you do not have the appropriate instrumentation/tools to address the scientific question, create them first (science as the 'art of the solvable') be aware of your implicit assumptions and conceptual framework (force fields in the embryo analogous to magnetic fields) The Take-Home Message so far. ..- Predcrnnal",clr ne,.& rnal$ ff3umPtrsu I...
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