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Morphogenetic fields Definition by Needham (1950) A morphogenetic Jield is a system of order such that the positions taken up by unstable entities in one part of the system bear a definite relation to the position taken up by other unstable entities in other parts of the system. The field effect is constituted by their several equiltbrturn positions. A field ... has recognizably distinct districts, and can, ltke a magneltc field, maintain its pattern when its mass is either reduced or increased. ...sounds like Biology? or Physics? * L fc-t,{'e*rt ii1
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Unformatted text preview: rrr fi* td &irtnx ofl ot'd.- ctfletlur The Conceptual Framework for Developmental Biology in the 21st century o cells are the basic 'units' of the embryo, i.e. we try to explain everything in the embryo in the context of cell behaviour o genes and their products (proteins) affect fate and organization of cells in the embryo ... works well for explaining cell differentiation, cell migration, etc., has problems in certain other areas (is there a 'gene'for higher brain functions in humans versus apes ?)- u;,iL'n -li,r- c:ir...
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