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IMG_0005_NEW_0013 - centrotus purpuratus accessible eggs...

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Experimental Approaches & Model Organisms Early descriptive work was done in chick ::!ia. {&& w w "W Gallus gallus Wolped, Principles ol Oevelopment, 3rd diton, Fig. 1.4 O Oford University Prcss Experimental Approaches & Model Organisms -' r.' '--k- - -.,----,-.\< - ?t ' -. I t_.. 1 - ..,t1,1.iLt1' J -r2.\' ,i <\i rl.: ' " ._. t- J ;,rf1,d{. I o big, accessible eggs o developing embryo easy to observe o cheap and easy to find (year round) chick embryo (drawing by M. Malpighi,1628-94)
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Unformatted text preview: centrotus purpuratus accessible eggs allow manipulation experiments (like transplantation) developing embryos easy to-'L t r'tbdt5\ observe cheap and easy to find large numbers of embryos available (marine or fresh water)- \oc[ .':.t , -,',:--grpr\aLru\ - t,.l--c( c\rrtEftr\ :, - .S'rJ' o o o Amphibians and sea urchins were model organisms for experimental embryologists in the 19th century- tnr"r t\ r Lrer nrgarer* <-frfr!...
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