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Experimental Approaches (1 gth century) n0 P*f"*'oT rt,q"l *Cett d.trl,AiU'l -ctecall 6zL ch*rg" r,rr,ach r^,th c b*uuV -, nd rr/,duc^\ c"[s' .=tz<> c,,\,tc'flarlgt -r<rrVrl\1"14 C<l\ ru" t'1.,,i,2A . d.ruo\Wd - r'--a,,,lttf'1 tc.rrlc'. .n i> Itrtd :. rr.irrfb.\ \c.,,-v'rui a7i -eag^r^*\o{ ccr\ d;dtt t Yu$ clit<{*t,n"rNo
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Unformatted text preview: +r\- ,ilitrtcbcfl tct :"rfqrl Experimental Approaches (early 20th century)-c-rr\ Sci'yr\: cturnp *{- 1":ku.[qt o]a ' &e* .-. * v,:lroslule rfl5id,e C"etl: .-> f,rorn- d.rz,\ , \'p trarnpkrrtad ,rTtc, qrr"ijrpr sff.,*S- +itc,fldctr) enbr5e cncluLcecl- (.1u+l\.t ,r1 bcrt? ,_,th I aJ,S...
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