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Deve| o p menta I Btq!ggy,. . ... is concerned with the question of how a multicellular organism develops from a single cell s. $i : : r,it,::,:,rrl \- \ "*,;:"'"P',. 'te w: \ rf.*f. I [, vlr t\;. ' ;\,,'!' 'sw . I '$ru-," *' 1. How to make cells different? - ^1L* rlu4er,^irtabw
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Unformatted text preview: - , CMW'IP':\\'Pe-'PL- -r/iv c\A-'J,r^t- dd& or,'na l,or cell type specification, cell differentiation 2. How to arrange cells to form a functional organism? morphogenesis, organogenesls Central questions in Developmental Biology...
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