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Changes in competence over time in combination with cell division can generate a number of different cell fates Tine Nature Reviews Neurcscience, 2, p10+je l2oo1) .) *r,F - \'-- w! { ) *} /:\ q (l {) 'v * \ d q *,?_O n ffi { \\d g \ I Oln fr UT\ U I i n fil ltil gH tI .. tlr\'t d'[}tre nt r\ifho*r[i^I" irdc' pholerac<p{rnr B. Through Cell-cell interactions ll - morphogen gradients ' allows the co-ordinated
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Unformatted text preview: specification of several diflerent cell fates simultaneously ' requires threshold responses (rather than yes/no - signal received or not) *' I I 4 5- ron({ rlLlyticii 1n*rtizi rl-..e , kc.l. [l .triq rrr ciiR2.ur'O crrlr&quot;,lis Wolped, Pri.ciptes ofDevetopmenr,3rd ed lion, Fg 1.25: @ oxtord Universily press 3 Cell differentiation in the mammalian retina C-***-*--*&quot;...
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