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Concepts of cell fate determination ... simply describes what a cell (group) will develop into ) -.j,. .bYuii '\c w'''tTi' ''.impliesu,tabt"ffi,nternalstateofacell_.:^n.,|c|uwc{]er (group), e.g. caused by a change in gene expression ) $pe cification ... I ... implies a cnaffil state of a cell (group) leading to differentiation into their normal fate, when isolated. Cells can still respond to
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Unformatted text preview: outside influence and potentially change their fate.-il[\' C*'\"im'iC 9r[- rr.i\v r,"n[vuit\ioYr |" Transplantation when the fate of experiments reveal a cell is determined Pnncip es of Developmefl. 3.d edlion, Fig. 1 21i I Oxiord Universily Press Determination *-i:?Xx D{XXX\ wffiv "rr'\/,\-/- - \*,'#r' 14iq {-fL \./' xr#hu 4+ r\AffiY\ c.,*}}lx{4 T;ffi \!&jr?#f/ "TW \i;g...
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