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BENDS "-ht in plane symmetric (scissor) (1500 crn't; in plane asymmetric (rock) (700 cm-l; out of plane asymmetric (wag) (1200 cm-t; out of plane symmetric (twist)(1200 crp-t; IR spectrum 't ^-h (- tri -r/ C' t"d ,r'/ c1 tu/ tl := ^-tl --H : c_H \ H - n/H w,. ,," H : ^aH t\ H with so many vibrations/bond the rR sp_ectrur i.. uury..comprex and, to a rarge degree, uninterpretabre. However, every morecure *itt huu" a specific set of vibrations (interactions with lR radiation) and tneierore you can consider the lR spectrum as a fingerprint for a molecule. BUT tn"i" "-r" a number of signals in the lR spectrum that are diagnostic. How does lR spectrometer work? 1' Place riquid sampre on a reusabreNacr prate-(why Nacr?) or in case of sorid i"t$tlirff5,?a
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Unformatted text preview: press a mixture or sample uno rriaciinto a ptate. pt;;; sampre 2' ln spectrometer, rR radiation of 4000 to 400 cm-1 are passed through sampre and onto a detector positioned behind.the.urp[. nii'uono. in a moiecure wi' absorb at their characteristic frequencies and "onr"fr"nily, these frequencies will not reach the detector (or ruoi"tion -oi th";;'rrlq'run"i"s that reaches the detector wiil be ress intenrbl. L" resurting spectruln contains on y axis % transmittance and on the X axis the wavenumber (cm-r). 100% transmittance indicates no bonds absorb at that frequency f;Rffi;;l _.> i::iff: .:,> (e.g.a sample that absorbs at 2000 cm'l) c) o c (s = E o c (s L s 0To \ 4000...
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