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HIr-X0-ls8+ g 0E$ -l'l[-26?t iR-Nl0il-tE??l ; Lt0ui0 FtLrl NC TR HE 2964 6 i 14tl 3E I 8'i9 84 :q2s 4 | ti14 s2 I ?65 8l 2d?4 16 I I :i+r-l .r j I rz: E6 !€E? l! I l3!0 at 2rl3 B4 | lr15 S: ?B?t t6 I lStD t1 r468 J{ I 89? 8{ SDBS_NO=?88 IR_NIDR_06540
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Unformatted text preview: ; CCL4 SOLUTI|]N HIT-N0=1103 I-DITENE d 5!0 1000 l5!0 CHa: CH- ( CHz L- CH-3or9 10 I 146'? 60 I E6B E6 3oE6 ?s I r4ro ?2 2S60 19 I I,tt5 f3 P9z9 4lll?s ?4 28?4 l8 I S:1S 61 zasa 23 I stz 25 t 46? E? I 631 Bl...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course CHEM 281 taught by Professor Williams during the Fall '11 term at Simon Fraser.

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