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How do you choose between SNl and SN2? 1. primary alkyl halides are ONLY involved in Sy2 reactions and tertiary alkyl halides are $!! involved in S'n:t reactions. 2. The real problem is choosing SN2 vs SNl for secondary alkyl halides, benzylic alkyl halides and allylic alkyl halides. Consider: a) rate laws SNl rate q [alkyl halide] Sr.r2 rate oc lalkyl halide]fnucleophilel Therefore ,f you increase the concentration of nucleophile this will increase the rate of Sy2 and have no effect on rate of 57,11. b) the better the nucleophile, the faster the rate
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Unformatted text preview: of the SN2 reaction (again, no effect on S11l) e.g. g favors SN2 while IIzO favors SNl c) solvent polarity: must consider the polarity of solvent. The more polar the . When considering solvent to our discussion on dipoles and hydrogen bonding. One measure of a solvents polarity or ability to solvate a charged species is the dielectric constglt (e). For example, co1s4ler H;O: #f, *-xfun xY#N F{r, >l@,te- o,a n zyl {d 'tato A cftl'ioYl...
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