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In general, we can classify solvents as protic or aprotic. If a solvent is st have an N- Examples of protic solvents: t Examples of o aprotic solvents ,A- 0lzQz ,'\O/\ Hzo +1 CH3OH fr cH3cH2oH >5 CH3CH2CH2OH I7 2-propanon" Z.l dichloromethane q ethoxv ethane ,/t -'T hexane Polo.r rfu sdvant + l,^^*V fuu I 'y^ fr,W ylz 5"1'ven7 Pea tuP>t'ta'c sofvut I | ,**y,*L*q I ffir1 d- affttt hlw*1 @ -/ - r" tl. I l{o+ and Sxl reactions both SN2 e' 0a+ a+ +* have on
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Unformatted text preview: r C l,!n t" H t-l the solvent may diagram: (-L Fto"*' ffect nate i I I /J :Ll.+ rr the , coord + &r t+lSb Y no1 L*s o W cfte+ s;u Wr O rye /Z1"4brffl ?nw > Ft'tw5 W 4a44 hae/ra,] ad I P"!'ti"a Atrutt*rt A.ft 3g,a;hz/ atr a ff*, sdtt,,+ A 5,r-t *t bt &*ltal 4 a qr,J'ji' i.{fr (haH + g, , F"A F'l n- gdve^4 rYs 514 al^/n 5,'r7 r /,/f I I r! +i )t I l I .t ,& ,r)4'L v{...
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