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what about * "'-"::';ll i; i;:,1::)::;i:, ekctron poi'? \ Can a carbol x, o- -, Y-Ir-d + 7o Y-tig/'Nuc --/ ' l'P \,2 lgis 6ilul l/'/R Y/' ( 'n 4 a bqil bru'hs Pd'r r-' v % eod) l(hY would a bondbreak? 1' bond is weak -- see tabie fot O" Weakbonds 88 84 105 19 65 51 HCl HF C-H C.C c-o * C-Cl C-Bt C-I p is rrn &t JtelJ't accommodate a ne) oo"l*t'** 2rhesroyp*",1::t?.1:.T3::J:;l'il:ff *!:"yj:1$li"#Ii'5J".T#!$i
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Unformatted text preview: fhe group that leavss-u". ...0, an electron oalr' wltrr """ ";;; the its t.?t,Ti:. .-l"l tni f'*'it* group), n ^^-*^,ratins a n"gutiu" :h*F:,'l::-:l,oate acid ot the teatlS odate a group - if t-@e. pKa of -:A -10 -g -8 3 ionjugate acid -rv -r^*iooA{hv electronegativity difference 3Bondb"-Y':11::;:3,TJ1iill'fi :"T;:J$:fi l',$'n""""" or size of leavrng ET...
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