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Reaction coordinate diagram (gnergy of all species plotted against reaction progress) +*e+iw s+il n# = e,^qy ! 75. -tyl4n 4t ra 1- /// I Crlb*l +'€ tucrv YJ*" Since the rate of the reaction will depend on how stable the transition state is - let,s consider the transition state firrther: 1. effect of replacing the 'H' with
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Unformatted text preview: larger groups (e.g. methyl) Ef rfu&ue-. "^) w t @R fli4L w-t .H, woh a Of75 t[,f;.L)r o l-t} c*44r r^@s. l'l,nx Qqx /-tf'^ \ r-r,n;I-wl {1 ,rl-.tL SflrvlC. itrp. .,ra,&)WS h is h,' ^*)t -75 ' *vl fucor -) wcp> + I ryuu+,r ry-{:w ,r9 Sb-te.r *;zh) +1 oryci-W ,4-tn SL.J + r'-zt-g,A tiu t+'+* \F...
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