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) ?T K 7T , :#i; tr4ouo --y> ' ? t/Y 7r What about the following reactions? Ho- + cH:-o-cnt {cH:oH+cH;o- HO. + CH:-N(CH,), }CH:OH + (CH;)ZN 70 is ^f a' pKa of CiP'3}H: B YK( pKa of (CH:)zNH :.)J o^ l''07, b^A u-L1 a AA > q*d' nutwu rf'IUL) ,fu$-ry n ,--,or#-4 -) Hc-ttb+ ?-ut tp\n 4t. . hri N-l-l J
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Unformatted text preview: 4. what about the nucleophile the stronger base is a r' ".e' Recati;*t:'r*mrm.roue'h1Y the same srze' e.g. HO- > HzO e.s. H;C pl-=CP'A| r-hV t? b ot t"rff""$o=ioti tr"{iF[ f, the nucleophile ! "^oo 'Ltr *'a ffi.o ry lw7 >fw o/",tlr\ cl*Y i lu'{ *oA't ['...
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