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5Nt PrN ;rL W 9,/2 ls a chb-hr + Vn a+ Ft" -+tw I i/5 w-V-w bv+t w -1, -ot 'h P-rw [27 o.>) r o'J eo, ow x J^.e{ +hm't iM I -) arLod -r 0P J* rt yW l)4 +r-u, n-u' t w --D *'-yu-04 r7 t Srv I 1'lochow6n *-3\G" =- Y r4-/ lrr\ "l^D o g s( cj"hoA nO W"':E -o4 ,ytb r*** n-*8 #- k{' tw-?",:a__ ,bH. /3 @ Htc p rbkil ?) ^ zY\ -Gd-^ I ji" -b-"U +HTr a @ s ,(V )^
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Unformatted text preview: tu4') : f,1lt' '' ^'lr O'- K',, 0@ "")rcwLr€'-'' v G,a^* *ryY ,n i,^ ^ 4 d"*h,y A +rtut1t|+.,o^ es*e L uf ii'" y ) " *t eA rvo /2 Q5S ,J''l /'If'Aot r!) vw 'f4/d!'-'- ,<rnJ ")s ''1n'1"^Aunu^r t#'o c( 'i'gt I"l^/'o1 .t* 'fu *r') 6\ a*+'iui-tn4- I tu^it/4;u4 dnu & hit Vu"5...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course CHEM 281 taught by Professor Williams during the Fall '11 term at Simon Fraser.

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