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r.j r3-Jc1 - F/? ?.,+*.n "$i*rtz'.'4tlr .r\ b"'o , '}c,.g Chilf * VWbekrdt ', rrdutC"Ctr * 1r.*Lrr.Iug ilr 'I*,r lt' .\qgdt'.lalirv1 ,v1 Dtee, ''X-u, chicK -: r'fLi,rf rtb-1,i*'\ *1 b,ci, 'pr€'r afiicK fl.X,io*Cg+nt I Np p,.'Heua*y uf s['rie,L e ]t\seiae hrt[: - lylJa 4.,ni,nr{iulrr + f\/p g#1E-ll,r^j,g ,r1 cf,ek t f /rc"6r: - DyU pn*^r.''ry .{ t.-,*rqt l',lt:/=i;as1 cri-r vi,i'irr{5< t l=1,1ri,\e,,,'l-';
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Unformatted text preview: tr , *r,rrl/\ p-r*l'''-'rr'y ,rr DreS- nl;ot}lut#l 1 ltti,irrb I ,- r- 1tuyra/1A ct4.i, 1ZL{ /'*te4fi+ tJ f,r- q,1 of Lo,*ra { inh',u 'to r t ,''.- hel*\eok* *'w'--f{nF b /'6WP pr.*.vtt ; glnP,nh,L*,t- L*nt p*&amp;,!'n 1 C.'.rr1,rlirG\ tbC p*hry *b&quot;rh/,\lJ.h t,- (qr.tofirte^t grtA-wp-VWku/ 1 =er't'te l,qil-J&quot;-J F(r lE ire',e+C ,gb@ cc\i1brlic{\ v\Libr'? e{ th,rnq (ochuod'r nrl.rre-.r_)...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course CHEM 281 taught by Professor Williams during the Fall '11 term at Simon Fraser.

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