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/ J H-q A reQ,rn 6'a+J-\w4l \r xt, 0 u41'tl ( \-u.r^011 '" '13) U pringr?007,2ndMidterm''[.''M282-l,-(trPAGE3/k { ) 1Q,, won ' Uf \ *) r;6\' zlus./wr'atistheproductofaceto}henonewithmethanolunde'.*aqld*6L{ff?jg '\J tr L-, -=X \.\,, .,- r oMe -t u'tq^l 16r/ U r .oX:," d"'" 0# n ru i'H V III MeooMe nry NV UIV R-glyceraldehyde is converted into its enq4tiomer as well as a keto isomer in aqueousbase'Whichisthecommon@€causingtheisomerizalion?
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Unformatted text preview: ?ro NaoH gHo ( n' ?*o cH2oH H-J- oH CH2OH cH2oH CH2OH CH2oH ^ {JX ,^Lr,^r CHO n A HT n,: ?to,,_, r H+: Yrol x-l-on A n B.HuY,"! n Lw t B ,$. Ary \o- t-/o -on M Ch lt llo'.' n D ft, ' o:\c c l. "',' H-t*'o u\?o '.,i[-o, \ott ,il-o,. ., n E "'ut*tt, 6H,oH Etr,o11 NaOH #" o )-.>( Bo L What is the missing reagent? heat oHcYc@ lE AJ t ''--*--t-NB ns. ND trE o ID ,)\--"t-"''aCl I EP ,'*...
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