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Spring 2OO7,2na Midte r^-, ^ftk'i rn - #ou PAGE 5 (121 B' complete the following reacti3n schemes (intermediates, products and/or reagents): o 4\? yl -^. .lrlt'- I,--- I ,|ru-G - Hcrj A) I LnSPff
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Unformatted text preview: -,J" " t*; ,-ffi-z'Fd'u'--'ft, E) (Y lr LiAlH4 ,-\1--------------- (-l -cH2NH2 0 HCN 1'-r, ctl /-t-,l 'L= Hi-,,w:-fl; (i _{.J--/\ ,\,r) a H PHCO3H ___-7----. ..--.-Wr'' cat H*...
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