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IMG_NEW_0013_001 - products of the following reaction...

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Spring 2007, 2na Midterm CHEM 282 PAGE 8 (6) 13. This unknown ketone has a molecular formula of CgHroOz witffthe dollowing lR and NMR spectra. Label the spectra, propose a structure and explain your reasoning (31 14. Provide the main
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Unformatted text preview: products of the following reaction schemes: o '@ Wx + 1,1^i aYo* \-'-n o PhC Hcr I @l ,1 Yffi lH_ JA.-.2 ilMt eWvtt)-'r) fi_ /"={q '/--_r\n,el {t i., 1," '-H tv*e4 ,il cat H2SO-N Ho$4q- . [o* /n*,tv^f,)...
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