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5g }{ T* {-1 -4> f: (l: 'nH t: 'N <) L)z 4, u.> ":, w ffi ffi ffi ffi *e* ds! #ffi h*# s $\# s bq \a e @fr ffi aw ffi* a e m ryqJ #lWffiW wffivwffiffi www#ww e ffi".#" & X: W {}\"} & x:;H }X "a#:.p.*wu *"s ** W ttz a (t €;t 7' W 3"4 L+ X, * s s* b. * w \l +,2 UT i*^ r L- 5 +i. +O - z z o -- | =-S N€ ca z -D I -= z@ i o T gI ffi$l rul #l r*ts I #l w ry @g €? dr+ # ery {.# qd @ re mo (r'b 5O A-= C Z a:gg."=HXn Ra a Q rt.6I e=.9 Eb 6XO='=^:C''(Dg: 3ilas sEl i s a iH'g fi r3a3 .E q:i5o(/)
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Unformatted text preview: -^'.&lt;=' Nr-^\J.P&gt;.JL ?_QF9 =*E I 8i;r 3-=6 @' +i o ? -&quot;':r(c g] =:i E== 6f 6' o(D.&quot; o-!)-x I \ ffi&amp;w *wx wwa ffi ffil grE l t*&quot;Wl leffi t*ffi la-k t,ffi ffi AAs q/ ,w@ U@ ws AWffi ffiw &amp;m frw &amp; w&amp;Aq t*o i-\ F _Q_Q.-Q ,1!. i 'q TT]TTT TT;n@C) 2--&lt;g ul-lu a n Y.q) O f R3 Ha' ^ = .+= A.i' o d Nd :l--Y ) 6J =...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course CHEM 281 taught by Professor Williams during the Fall '11 term at Simon Fraser.

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