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CHEM 282 o ,94 p Tutorial # 10 CHEM 282 I TUTORIAL #LO Objective for this Tutorial: Reaiezu chenaistry of awines, diazatation and folloro-up reactiotts Please complete the following reaction schemes: ffi ffi .t\nt'-'ao NaoH U {,,, -": O^r' c\o ............. -i' lntermediE\e H0, )yy;-nls lD',\' - ..=A ? l,1{ M[ u -..-. .------i> _Me HN- I rY- v z -r,uJ t'/ J {* ,,1 lt v l,r il I ', tf'/W ./ --2' - .U\ ,/,.1 I I 1-l )!L-/Y'r,t o\ ],1. r' R-\x -1fH+ re(f=r-L-': ofl ri,-,r**, \ \zI-^) + \Z- \ o ') t t2trt't t2
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Unformatted text preview: \\Z -OH,/ y/',4r,t U f,V\t, *) H"/{^R V\{H @ Following is the synthesis oldiazepam, a prescription tranquilizer sold under trade names (e.9. Valium). Show reagents and conditions of the synthesis of diazepam f rom p-chloroaniline. several ^w .-QIJ f\wH, A(l\ (-5.,,ruu, NIL-O\i ,,,-5.-NH, ",N,4;*o-", *]-* L'r Y''r ph I ,n ii Diazepam: t] ,g H g l ryi"rtl'(t f=Y-l" .- 1,i--Yu+(cH2cr H,$tt crlv)=u.o_ "u"X*ro, @ Dr. Uwe Kreis, SFU Pg-1-...
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