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j ol >l {-l gl N Co N I r- o o ai N (^) $R!ffi fI .r Eg m? 3 hF s0 h} ffiB @Fc AK H6 &G F1q* ffi. #Y trs >x Mc Sf; dq. W M6 w pw ttr &#ry d[ Y\d w ds+ Mffi MK' '"d8' F trs [email protected] a o u C o (? E J -t -l 0r - -a r+ F -lf F d .C .J E' E 4 e tr 0. dq B m .)o)/. \l^ri> 4J-. t+v!+ oogo- 9<v^rP 5ai^.6o J A (9 99 - c-7-f -i-FJSaD =:'o: !a 9 r.30 o V X^oi*o 5^' !D0a ^V \- -t _(< x = I tl tj!c; -U --. o =- ^P-- )-.^U ; ?ci , ! (9 r tv ) .DA '- .D cD .o:' aa rg YI t- lo =orN a-- + + -4 fo =. o---f-c) =-, lo olp + d#lnffi swH E ffi TI r! It f" CL s? ffi M W g -t o t+ !!. - d {,l N\ a F t srd 3" o tr g. Ct
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Unformatted text preview: g! := : : : i ::: ,"& NCer0ao-)fr:r ='o: . P AJ-U-l.x E ;'= Q'!)-- +x 3 P-:o'.1. - .) ;+r=g d 4 ) (D . .-r P)-s \9 P U A' @< a) - = P^ih=J 6+i^ >) AA 95;$t) =ex ee. !6iAiO-=r-.) d3 0< I U -:.-AXJJ JP g\^-zi !-!. - ^ \e ;:Y-xp .DXv=-.- lrc lf-r-)^-^-.D ,, FO a--c) I C) o N I :P t z--<) 64+ 1..- 6 ;o E=.*' dN o, 6 tr C 4...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course CHEM 281 taught by Professor Williams during the Fall '11 term at Simon Fraser.

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