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t. covuftt{c flv"W e! t/d^/b i^ Y z.(pJe !* E;,rr.twt"' b"!t'T't/ f?n+"v ih +'ta InfuI""U -W J qrry h rl* ndwt( F hflo-( t* t7d p-+S 'H NMR spectra for 5 compounds are provided below. Match tn" rotl*in g 7 - At ;nqUvolW 2.The structures to their spectra and assign the peaks to the appropriate protons. Note: the number listed beside each peak is the value for the relative integration.
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Unformatted text preview: () +lU rr,Allh ,i4\-+^t tunil4 * na _ //. th H Ail( WWy 'I 4 q,wr,,h^ {"{/v5 frful'eV [olvrf Uol at"",k 0eSHWq Ml rwl!-4 htrl 1, )tl J + Pwl<t tlpt'g, , - ,ll, t*bt(l-ddi"r& L,^t w*n,-?,l,r,rrL M-detn/r^ **z,f* '% g.* tftt $( th',tt fd* J. ,,tt+n* +k c)*rt nie. +dtsnwq afq'{ &U is c/sr+ 11ti o...
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