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o4z-) .ds J btA At neA+ows;Y )w c'"?"'a+;PA ffi^%' Ghem 281 Tutorial Problem Set. No. 8 PLEASE COME PREPARE TO BE CALLED ON TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN NEXT WEEKS TUTORIAL! ull 1. Compounds like methyl iodide are excellent electrophiles and are commonly used in the organic laboratory for this purpose. However, care must always be taken when working with good electrophiles. Considering the structure of your DNA (for example - adenine) what might happenfimethyl iodide entered a cell? what are the implications of this? 4.44 2. Rank the relative reactivity of the following molecules with (CFffbO- K* (potassium tert-butoxide) in DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide, a polar aprotic solvent). l-out" \-,\ @ 3. Draw a reasonable
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Unformatted text preview: rO--r<.A @a mechanism for the rO *oA"r" o-following reaction ,Y/?4d':]'{'wfh'n'u''t-+u *W{$-&-'"*#3?"o.'("' 'ry*":;# 4. Predict the product from\the following reactions. ls the product chiral? What is its name, what would the 1H NMR spectrum look like? Cuh){'P .'cl Na* -oMe dimethyl ether (an aprotic solvent) lb K; - j 8.6 - *";w/^gL- r - cga.g^-. at/;B,l I' Y,,/ -il *4t"' t' cJ"l"A!''eur'q Na* -oMe dimethyl ether (an aprotic solvent) 5. Predict the product of the following reaction. A" lo" ^' (potassium tert-butoxide) o lt--S--dimethyl sulfoxide (an aprotic solvent) t'a*' ,lrib4,(-'--e O and a 1H ttMR Pz U+w LQ J,-klfl/r "wa o w*w...
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