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-/ # f. to ONE of the compounds 1. Assign each of the following boiling points listed below. (4 marks) Boiling points: 620C;69 0G; 133 0C; 156 0C 4*v lTto( Win w b1'c, 2. Please draw the following molecules (8 marks) a) 2'3'3'5-ryethvlethYl)-hexane d) 4-ethyr-3,3-dime.nrk "",0 n 3. Of the two isomers of 3,4-dichloro-3-hexene depicted below, circle the one that you
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Unformatted text preview: would expect to have the higher boiling point. Place an X over the one that you would expect to be more soluble in water (2 points)? 1-chlorohexane 1-hexanol 2-methylpentane hexane ctls-1 -(1 -ethyl propyl)-4-(1 -methylethyl)-cyclohexane X\ (t / >DrX (3s,4s),4-,',,,t -o,,Xr,",nll-r-r"Jt v,"v"lohexan-1 -one b) c) *, o ,(...
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