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IMG_0001_NEW_0007 - H{b a Which of these has the shortest...

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: : ,,' .i :, : : : . ,,,,.,,,,,,,'J 4. Circle the molecule below with the LARGEST bond angles (2 points). @ NHg HrO 5. Gonsider the molecule below. o 6h"*many lone pairs of etectrons are in this molecule (1 mark)? 4 @Ho* many atoms are sp2 hybridized (1 mark)? c) Please circle the atom that would bear the minus charge (2 marks). 6. Consider the following molecules. v7 r'l *trL?V
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Unformatted text preview: H-:)-{b a) Which of these has the shortest carbon-carbon bond (1 mark)? b) How many sp3 hybridized carbons are in structure A (1 mark)? c) How many hydrogen's are in molecule B (1 mark)? ffo* many secondary carbons (2") are in molecule B (1 mark)? /+ 4 _'s-2 .L ''? l9' q+;:, e) The double bond in molecule A involves which orbitals (1 mark)?...
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