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: : IJ :r ) t\ 8. Name the boxed molecute below (2 marks). Looking down the carbon 2' carbon 3 bond (with carbon 2 in fro7rtl?F5Fv-a Newman projection for this molecule on the circle designated A (3 marks). Again, looking down the same bond, draw Newman projections for this molecule that would represent a series of 60o rotations about the carbon 2- carbon 3 bond on the circles designated B, C, D, E, and
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Unformatted text preview: F. (5 marks). Finally, on the energy diagram below indicate where you would expect the 6 conformers to applear (3 narks) (use Eru = 0 line and the three dashed lines provided).-, (niruf: tffire;Eould be 4 energetically distinct conformations) name = ywdqLpw'w------n-ww 1l,.'" cfilrf 600 A- n}3t4n c4+,tldy B ,&#WL HFE ddt 60" 4F t{cy+y,H _ r?^ ct ''"1[ ^N,, D...
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