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IMG_0001_NEW_0010 - the relationship between A and D(1...

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9. a) Please provide a name for the first compound (compound A) (3 marks). For the remaining 3 compounds indicate, in the brackets provided, whether the asymmetric' center should have an R or s assignment (3 marks). n",". (]9, Ys) - ),9 -di Atu'r! -z,b-ohqeUw* [c] e = + 80; melting point = 176 oC ?' @,ry- zt[ -ilqL -),)- -tWWoLio( B (s) -n, b) what is the relationship between A and B (1 markyZ da"r>q'tto'"Ur' c) what is the refationship between B and C (1 markl? AMMttS Soaa d) what is
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Unformatted text preview: the relationship between A and D (1 markn AfWtfqov\0/f\ e) lf 0.5 gram of the sample in ftast(O)vas dissolved in 1 mL of water and placgd in a sample tube 10 cm tong, Ddat would the observed rotation be (1 mark)?--------' (y')v= # =) c{= liloxL/C =-f8-?xlxrj =tr4," L= Pc-nr=tdru, (= -g+ : a.-\ b/nt-I tt,L 0 With the information provided, can you assign a specific rotation to the sample in flask B (1 mark)? ,/V rut*t,a\ - it f hi C/L,W^ D n"Ar,tdL 8H :...
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