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i:":',ffi t:ffi HTx.ffii':":TJ['ffi;:$hl1#'-:Hh^J''.-"'',ffi *'ffiJ ;::m:::*"m:{il1iil;.'"n31 the AG" varues Inste; distribution orproarr.rJ;rilr;;;i,0. n,'i'"l", 1l-c*i otrrt" competing pathwavs! BorC Take for examPle: t energy rn this case, consider both rorw*i:ilHX1jffiilli^ti" ?ff::J:T*"" In forwaro *"';;;;ct B since actn-"' il"*".ffi"ct c is *"1-T,:':j:*t:H, product! *iii: i:n:T;# *a *lr be the major product! ;:i:";'*:'irJr1'"':::il'J:?li"l'11i":f'ytr"5::ffffi"JT'h'l
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Unformatted text preview: '"',ff ;ilTrgijili}TTf*fitTr.'ffi 'rur;*a*d;'"'fjTilJ$1*'" [f we lower Lrrtr wuv'-b'r i. n ttris case the reactlon ls rsvgror-^-nff ,fra* are (-) values). ::"*tttt$T B"fi'#?;;;;J ' n" ac'o.u < aG'n c (reci A"t ' energy irreversible' Even t F or reaction, :li: :UruIJ *"it*rf, ff#'"il;; di't'i#[' *'r b' determinedw irreversible (unde1 k*:tt: :t7:':,:r'".**ot. lCt)' ffi;"i p,oatto forms (must comP...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course CHEM 282 taught by Professor Nabylmerbouh during the Fall '10 term at Simon Fraser.

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