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1. Please rank the following molecules marks each - total 6 marks). gt.> from most stable to least stable (2 9rt a) -"A- a-i{;' )"- )--- )r 'n',', Yo i'' ^'- l_Pl >7t ^ :-: -4,/J , #.* tp' / 5i'- !i-,, l. 'sP -tf tr tr W,., tr st') c-> 4 more stable less stable b) z?- sf ,> ..ri 3 s7;- sP' ,l D Cr more stable
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Unformatted text preview: less stable c) Please provide a nameformoleculeQ: +- Y+41-= (t ,+l - Jihereng 2. Please name the following molecules (2 marks each - total 6 marks): L*, z'Iyturxy +'n+t\Lhevent t*\Jr - t-f e-uhuL ?tR t- +-(t-r,ull*l\eln,l( .) - z- ortu,,p il ffi. . ;::...
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