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2. Considering the following molecule, please answer the questions below. (2 marks per question, 10 marks total) L a) How many hydrogen atoms are in this molecule? b) Gircle the atom(s) that bear(s) a charge. c) How many sp3 hybridized atoms are there? d) Approximately, what is the H-N-H bond angle? e) How many lone pairs of electrons are there? r\*e f t'o
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Unformatted text preview: l"t L +2-t{' -H Smallest Bond Angle 3. a) Please arrange the fo,[owing t angles to largest. @ markS r zt) qP NH,e tn." W?u.1 uE . c+rf . rE ,w4tof| 4. Please draw or name the following four molecules. (2.marks each) a) 4-(2-methylpropyl)-2,7-dimethyloctane b) (2R,4S)-2-chloro roxycyclohexanone /1 Y o\ 9-; *n ; a+9 ; Bond Angle + .r(A...
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