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rt 3' Please draw the most stabte resonance form for each of the followinr fr :f : *:; i ;T;l3iil1i: ""te d Le I ow (s h ;; ;; ul "e re ctron ;; J;il' ii -\-e- ---\- ;1 o ,o v V"'u *) z\',Ztt 4. How many signars yolq you expect in the tH NMR spectrum of
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Unformatted text preview: of :ff t:lflJlnoTul'""ures? Ario, t Jl," t"ui" p'ouiila, ihoi""i".r,oi'r"ny wourd*i,,;ri"tflit'"H^'{iitf sJ::ii'k:i:H",pflj#1,:l*",n*: each '8 marks totar)? Note: consider "rv-iaiJ'iit wouu have more than 6 peaks a multiplet....
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