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1lJ,zsfts] , - ' tsA) ->-ltvqna - 4 'cfnalYl^whl') -4rl'oyte'*+ud, xo*oic add \L c- M -Ns,leLry*vi41 afr ivt the space below, please redraw TWO DIASTEREOMERS from part a) in most stable, chair conformations (label them as above). (4 marks) WL c) Please circle the most stable diastereomer drawn in part b). (2 marks) O d) Please draw the less
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Unformatted text preview: stable chair conformation for the diastereomer circled in part c).(3 marks) Question 4 continued c) x ,P''o^ d) A v. r) ,-.oAi D of 1-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-3-(use wedges and hatched c \l-N & b) ln their n$r^ 6t/u 5. a) Please draw 3 stereoisomens methylcyclohexane as perspective drawings lines) and label these A, B, or.C. (4 marks)...
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