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8. Gonsider the lR spectra for the following two sets of molecules. For each part [(a) and (b)] CLEARLY circle the molecule that you would expect to have the highest frequency absorption (largest wavenumber) for the bond indicated with the arrow (2 marks each - 4 marks total). a) b) t\-}"t' HrH ( =LY( I H3C-NH2 .L { rj |--\ \ H-C-N .1. g= rJ ,rb-'r.rn t', I i FN H1 f:N 9. Predict the product(s) of the following reactions. ln the lR spectrum
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Unformatted text preview: of the products of each reaction, which diagnostic lR signal would you look for in order to confirm the reaction had indeed taken place (8 marks)? a) ( NHs j /\ /--^-\-,Y,, - , W r l9t, I T rit N J] t-l-' UL, I b)ta4*#\,n = I oe- Na C:N pentane (solvent) lR Signal: l':-1") t'j 3), ori brra L^tpv) s + \J4 l1 1J' z/bo (/r1 Qt iwW) I H3C-CH2ICH3 H t - c:Yc Jr"-) C=[*{ lR Signal: 6T 1,"t4 s;yvl d @ \t2)...
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